Hajj and Umrah Pocket Guide

Hajj and Umrah Pocket Guide

Format: pdf
Length: Print it on ONLY one double sided page – designed as easy pocket reference with you in Hajj/Umrah !!


Page one lays out in a Table Format all the Hajj rites that need to be done on each day, the time of the day and the proper sequence. It also describes Umrah rites. All this information is set out for all of the three types of Hajj – Tamatu, Qiran and ifrad.

Page Two: lists the Rukn (Pillars), Wajib (compuslory) and Mustahab (encouraged) parts of both Hajj and Umrah and consequences of forgetting or leaving out any of these. It also lists acts forbidden in Ihram along with the stages of lifting Ihram restrictions and consequences of breaching these. You’ll also find on this page, the Dua (supplications) for the Hajj & Umrah from the Quran & authentic hadith along with their meanings in English.

It finishes with an advice for one doing Hajj suggesting how to make Hajj an experience where you taste the rise and sweetness of Iman!

Note: This information is taken from works of Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih al-Utheimin, Sheikh Albani and other books of Fiqh & authors such as Ibn Qudamah (rahimahumullah).

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