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  • Arabic Verbs Classes

    Verbs Classes Stage One: Three Types of Past Verbs File Contents Duration File Size, Right click & Save As Introduction to Verbs, 3 types of past tense verbs, 22 verbs with example of their usage 7 pages pdf Audio for Page One: Intro to Verbs, How to form simplest Verbal sentence, 3 types of verbs […]

  • Madeenah Arabic Course – Book 1

    Islamic University of Medina Arabic Book Classes (By Shaikh V. Abdurraheem, may Allah protect him) Level One Resources: Revised Edition of Book 1: Download from Table Below Madinah Arabic Book 1 – Complete Book 1 Vocabulary – Complete Writing Practise Book (Learn how to write) Madinah Arabic Reading Book Level 1  Madinah Arabic Compositions Book […]