How Islam Won the Hearts

How Islam Won the Hearts

Speaker: Shaikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel
Duration: 41 minutes

Subject Contents:

Have you ever been asked about the verses in the Quran about wars and battles … claims that Islam was forced by sword?
Yes, we do find verses in the Quran about war between two nations clashing on the battlefield. People such as Pope Benedict, in 2006, misuse such verses against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of God be upon him).

Yet a look at these very verses in the Quran shows precisely what these verses about war between nations actually refer to – as opposed to the misconceived and erroneous notion of Jihad that is often portrayed in the non-Muslim owned media.

This audio talk takes a look at the purpose of such verses in the Quran, as the Muslims have always understood it. It also shows from Quran as well as from Muslim, Christian and Hindu histories and present day situations that Islam was not forced upon the people by the sword. Rather listen to this talk and judge for yourself how Islam really won the hearts … and continues to do so to this day!