Islam’s Appeal Even To The Kings

Islam’s Appeal Even To The Kings

Eid Khutba Ramadan 2007

Speaker: AbuIsmaeel Aslam Hussain
Duration: English Eid Khutba 26 mins & Arabic Khutba 7 minutes

Subject Contents:

Eid Khutba Ramadan 2007 – Jafar, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (s), and other Muslims migrated to a just King in Abyssynia to escape Quraish persecution in Mecca. But Amr, a leader of Quraish, pursued them across the sea to turn the King against the Muslims. Negus, the just king, summons the Muslims to his court for a fair trial. Just a few years later, the King himself accepts Islam despite resistance from the kingdom’s power-brokers.

Listen in this audio khutba some of what makes Islam so appealing even to the kings – its beliefs so in conformity with reality, its rituals so fruitful and its Law and way of life so wise and a mercy to all !

The Arabic khutba (7 minutes) thereafter sheds light on two more precious benefits for us from this inspiring occasion from history of Islam.