Purification of the Soul from Ramadan

Tazkiyat-un-Nafs (Purification of The Soul)

from Ramadan

Speaker: Aslam AbuIsmaeel
Duration: 26:30

Subject Contents:

Allah Ta’ala says in the Noble Qur’an: “Indeed whosoever purifies himself shall achieve success” (87:14).

Find out how we can achieve Tazkiyah (Purification) of our own souls by doing various acts of worship in Ramadan. Fasting allows us to harness and control our desires; reading the Qur’an softens our hearts and makes us more obedient to Allah; and praying the Taraweeh prayers in the night in congregation purifies the Muslim community as a whole.

In every act of Ramadan there is a great opportunity to attain Taqwa (Piety) that increases the soul in Tazkiyah.