Reflections on Surah Qiyamah (75)

Reflections on Surah Qiyamah (75)

Speaker:Aslam AbuIsmaeel
Duration: 39 minutes

Subject Contents:

More captivating than the best directed Hollywood thriller and yet deeper and more penetrating than the best story or Screenplay for a movie, this Surah will fill you with love for Quran and a firm conviction in Islam and the Day of Resurrection!

Only a page long, this surah takes you through the scenes of the Day of Resurrection, the blissful Paradise, Hell Fire as well as the life of of this world and keys to success & piety therein. You’ll find therein an assurance from Allah to protect His guidance & message – its letter and its meaning – despite the most severe of challenges! It finishes with sweet and yet intellectually stimulating five short verses that will amaze and satisfy you Insha’Allah.

Listen to this audio, reflect on this amazing surah and cherish the great favour that Quran, the Book of Allah, is to us!!