Tafseer of Surah Humazah (104)

Tafseer of Surah Humazah (104)

Speaker: Aslam AbuIsmaeel
Duration: 59 minutes

Subject Contents:

Every verse in the Quran, even if it is addressed to a Kafir, still it contains crucial lessons and benefits for us, Muslims. The further we reflect on this sura, as with others, Allah guides us to more and more wisdom contained therein.

Find in this audio, tafsir (commentary) from our past great scholars of Sura Humazah – beginning with tafsir of each words in the sura and their appreciation, then the meaning of phrases, sentences and then the sura as a whole.

We find in it a sura that is not only imparting knowledge of this world and the Hereafter but also a sura that through its powerful imagery and carefully selected words seeks to purify us and nurture in us the character of a true Muslim!